04 October 2007

More on the Korean summit

Now that a joint declaration has been issued, and President Roh has returned to Seoul, commentaries and analyses are popping up all over the world.

The following article from The Guardian (UK) is well-written, because it shows vested interest by the US and China in keeping the two Koreas divided (and in the case of Republican administrations in the US, keeping South Korea its loyal puppet). But they will have to face the call soon, since a peace treaty will require signature by the US and China, signatories of the Korean War cease-fire. (North Korea also signed, while South Korea, under the leadership of then-President Syngman Rhee, a reactionary Korean-American, never did.)

The Guardian UK

The joint declaration itself has been uploaded to BBC, by way of Yonhap News Agency in South Korea.


Worldwide reception, including from the W White House, seems positive, with the notable exception of W's puppet party in South Korea, the Grand National Party. While its concerns of North Korean nuclear disarmament progress (or as it says, lack thereof) are valid, for now it's time to wait and see if North Korea will comply with disarmament deadlines, not try to score political points. The Grand Nationals' fascist predecessors had used the fear tactic too well in past decades, and I hope today's South Koreans are above that.