05 November 2007

A noteworthy transgender peace activist

CodePink activist Midge Potts, whose name I've repeatedly picked up from Karen Bradley of Democracy Cell Project (and also of CodePink), turns out to be transgender.

She is one of the numerous transgender Republicans, like Mann Coulter. But that's where the similarities end. Unlike the Mann, Potts has actually served in the military, and knows all about war. And her activism for peace is sincere, knows no partisan boundaries, and keeps going without the benefit of the media machine that the Mann can afford. And she is a true fiscal conservative, something most Republicans today are not. Most importantly, just as she shatters the male-female dichotomy, she also believes in shattering the liberal-conservative dichotomy that the powered elites have been propagating.

I'll definitely be paying more attention to her activism, which has helped put CodePink on the Capitol Hill political map.

Midge Potts