22 December 2007

A few images of San Francisco

I have returned to my hotel room for now, due to sore feet, thanks to my newish ankle boots, which were a very tight fit thanks to my socks and tights. I will, however, still head back out in a bit, for some late night ice skating at Yerba Buena Center.

In the meantime, here are a few images from today.

A view of the Chinese Community Center, as seen from the Muni #30 bus on Stockton Avenue. It stood out with a high-flying Nationalist Chinese flag on top. Also nearby were churches and other community services, as well as many businesses. Stockton Avenue is the working Chinatown, while next block over, Grant Avenue is the touristy Chinatown.

The infamous City Lights Bookstore, where the Beatnik Revolution took off in the 1950s, leading eventually to the hippie and gay rights movements of the succeeding decades. There is a nearby museum, The Beat Museum, that explains the movement, but since I don't have good knowledge of the movement, I skipped the museum. However, I did buy a George Lakoff book here at City Lights, after about an hour of browsing through a lot of left-leaning titles. I also learned that I missed a Dennis Kucinich function by a day - I could've caught up with Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin, who were speaking there last night, again.

San Francisco has recently painted many of these "Look" signs on the crosswalks - much like London (but as shown here, unlike in London, they tell you to look both ways). This particular example, in North Beach next to City Lights Bookstore, is also in Chinese, as Chinatown is just a block away.

Tomorrow's agenda will include the Berkeley Unitarian Church and San Jose's The Tech Museum of Innovation. I will also tour the Apple campus in Cupertino.

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