23 December 2007

Another Bay Area day

I started out in the morning by visiting the Unitarian Church in Berkeley, where I met with many church members - some of whom recognized me from my previous visit last New Year's Eve. It was great to talk about spirituality, and how I am developing in that department - though I also had to bring up my residual bitterness toward Christians. The church service emphasized the beauty of all sorts of different families.

I continued on to Concord, where I not only found a move-in special for my former apartment, but also my former unit vacant. It was as if they wanted me to move right back in, right into my past life, and resume it immediately. I would love to - minus the job insecurity I had when I lived there in 2000. I reminisced the past by visiting the North Concord BART station and Sun Valley Mall, two places I had frequented as a resident.

I continued to San Jose, coming close to the spot in Fremont where I had wrecked my car in 1999 - another bad Bay Area memory that I want to forget. Once in San Jose, I came across a Christmas festival in front of The Tech. The Tech itself was disappointing, even more so than last time, but its Body Worlds 2 exhibit was awesome - and I appreciated seeing some female bodies, unlike the original Body Worlds which was almost all male.

I wrapped up by circling the Apple main campus on Infinite Loop in Cupertino. Apple's campus extended for several blocks south of Infinite Loop, but in the dark, I couldn't see much.

Time to take it easy, as I plan on hitting Sacramento tomorrow.

San Jose's Christmas festival, in downtown next to The Tech.

A Coca-Cola Santa truck visits the festival.

Entrance to Apple's Campus, 1 Infinite Loop. It looked a lot like the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington - minus the soccer fields. But it does occupy a lot of real estate, just like Microsoft.