10 December 2007

New travel plans

I am planning yet another trip to Northern California, to make up for not going there for Labor Day Weekend. This trip is now scheduled for Christmas weekend, less than two weeks away.

Unlike the last two trips, I will extend the trip to Silicon Valley, and take a look at the latest technologies at The Tech in San Jose. I do remember visiting that museum several years ago, and looking at some old relics such as a 7" floppy disk. But I also want to take a look at the new technologies that came out after my last visit. It'll be in keeping with my status as a nerdy blogger, something my last post discussed briefly.

If all else fails, I could spend time looking at the second installment of Body Worlds (I've already seen the first installment). I'm being told that the second installment is more dynamic - and more female (the first was almost all male).

Also planned for the trip, on a less nerdy note, are visits to my former lair in Concord, my novel sights in San Francisco and Berkeley, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, City Lights Bookstore, ice skating at Yerba Buena Center, and weather permitting, a trip to the redwoods in the far north of the state.

Hoping to make this trip another one for the memory lanes.