20 January 2008

Apple iPhone

Between a cold and a tour of area nightlife hotspots over the past two evenings, I am tired - to a point where I couldn't even go to the local Unitarian Church today.

But I have to mention that I am absolutely loving my new iPhone, which I had been planning to get for a while, and finally received a few days ago. Thanks to it, as I met various people who gave me key LGBT resources, I've been able to check those resources on the Web (including one lesbian bar I ended up visiting last night), on the spot, and mail myself the web addresses for later use. The ability to check email on the fly is also a welcome addition.

As I return to work tomorrow, I will find these functions to be very valuable as well. And I've been so pleased with the email and Web abilities, that I am planning on taking just the iPhone on my Orlando trip next month - no need to lug a heavy laptop (or an iPod) around. (That'll also create enough room to let me carry my Garmin GPS unit for the rental car, too.) The flight to Orlando will be the time that I will be testing the usability of the iPod features of the iPhone.

In short, the iPhone is everything I had thought it would be - and more. I feel that it's worth the high price of admission.