12 February 2008

Countdown to Orlando

Only four days until my departure.

This is a well-needed trip due to rising tensions at work and home. I'll see how I can come back more relaxed AND more ready to work.

I've changed my plans and decided to take my laptop after all. I will do some writing - definitely during the evenings, and maybe on the flights as well. Moreover, contributing to the Democracy Cell Project blog with an iPhone does not work (and even if it did, typing on a laptop is a whole lot faster anyway).

I've double-checked all details for the local attractions I plan to visit on my days off, as well as reservations for my flights, hotel, and rental car. I'm also monitoring the weather forecast; for now, it looks like I will have a muggy, possibly wet Sunday as I visit Disney's Animal Kingdom, but cool and dry out as I start the week. As for the work-related activities, I am also reading a book that happens to cover the very subjects I will learn during my trip.

It's a long trip - 9 days, 8 nights. I really hope this trip helps my spirits.