14 February 2008

A few new songs

I've been listening to some new music lately.

Anna Nalick

My favorite new song of the year, by far: "Shine" by Anna Nalick. I've always enjoyed listening to her, I enjoyed meeting her too, and now, she delivers again. The lyrics are great; they are for people who suffer through public mishaps that are considered "entertainment" for the masses (think Britney Spears). I'm already hooked - even though for now, the only place to hear it is her website (though today, Sirius played it once too). Can't wait for the rest of her album to come out.

Anna Nalick

Speaking of people I've met in person, I also got to take a listen to Mariah Carey's newest single, "Touch My Body." I'm not as impressed with it, and if the rest of the album sounds similar, then it won't be the hit that The Emancipation of Mimi was.