27 March 2008

Birthday Girl

Scratch that. Mariah Carey doesn't celebrate birthdays - she calls them anniversaries. But she's turning 38 today in any case. (Time flies - she was only 20 when "Vision of Love" hit the airwaves.)

Below is a very interesting Parade interview with her that reveals quite a lot about her, and all the contradictions she carries around. She says her self-esteem never tops the charts. With her new album, E=MC2, coming up in a few weeks, I expect to see her in the news quite a bit. The lead single, "Touch My Body," is growing on me.

There is also a quiz that tests your knowledge of Mariah trivia. I got 17 questions right out of 20. I didn't know that she bought Marilyn Monroe's piano (I answered "Sir Elton John's piano" - definitely MY answer, not HERS!), though I know her well enough to be ranked in the "Hero" category (16-20 correct). After all, Mariah Carey remains one of the few entertainers I've met in person, even to this day, and I was one of her earliest fans.

Hopefully I will look forward to a concert tour as well, so that I can see Mariah right here in Southern California - something that has yet to happen, as my previous experiences were in New York, San Jose, and Las Vegas.