28 March 2008

Bad Moon Rising

DiAnne Grieser sent me the following Daily Kos discussion. I normally refuse to hang out there anymore, but this discussion on Reverend Moon is too important to ignore. In fact, John Gorenfeld has a book about Moon's manipulation of American politics.

Daily Kos

While the comments point out that Moon is an ally of convenience at odds with both Korean traditions and American Christianity, I still believe that it is of no relevance at all. The fact remains that both the Republican Party and the South Korean neoliberal government benefit handsomely from Moon's activities.

In fact, some comments point out that Moon is not even a US citizen, and as a convicted felon, must be deported. I say it won't happen, since South Korea must agree to take him back, and it's benefiting too much from Moon's manipulation of American politics to ever do so.

If America ever wakes up, the first thing it ought to do is to make South Korea pay dearly for Moon's actions. Sanctions must be pulled out against the likes of Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, and Korean Air (which killed 270 civilians while flying a Reaganian spy mission) must be barred forever from US skies.