12 March 2008

Eliot Spitzer

The once-popular governor of New York State, Democrat Eliot Spitzer, has been implicated in a prostitution scandal, and has been forced to resign today.

Spitzer was known as Mr. Clean, due to his aggressive prosecution of corrupt politicians and businessmen during his tenure as the state Attorney General. He also was very tough on prostitution, so he got caught by his own laws and apparatus. People are giving him very little sympathy, as a result.

I see one thing though: the Republicans have been very upfront about threatening impeachment and going after the wrongdoings of Spitzer. They immediately pounced on this, and directed their media propaganda outlets to cover Spitzer heavily (not to mention covering the relief of Wall Street neoliberal fascists, who once were Spitzer's targets). Contrast this with the Democrats, who have known of W's perversion of the US Constitution, but have put the impeachment "off the table," and are helping pass his police state legislations.

This tells me the state of the nation, which boils down to only one political party mattering at all - the Republicans, the party that considers me worse than a terrorist. Between this, and the ever-uglier fight between Hillary and Obama, I am preparing to stay home this November, since McCain is rigged to win anyway.