17 March 2008

Going to war

I am fairly well entrenched in the peace movement by now, knowing many key CodePink activists and attending a good number of their functions. And I certainly appreciate and support their activism to end the impossible-to-justify wars going on.

However, I must remember that while opposing wars of imperialistic expansion and personal greed is a very noble and patriotic cause, opposing defense against a real threat is cowardly. Iraq is definitely in the former camp, having never posed a credible threat, and Afghanistan looked like the latter in the wake of 9/11, but has become the former as well, as there are no efforts to rout the real enemy, the Taliban and al-Qaeda. (In fact, I am suspecting that they are purposely kept alive, to "justify" staying in Iraq longer.) So many resources are squandered on these "efforts" that the US is no longer able to effectively mount a defense against real threats and/or meet its domestic needs.

In fact, I am increasingly fed up, the more I learn about the real threats, which show up not in the form of weapons of mass destruction, but in the form of media manipulation and partisan politicking right inside the US borders. In fact, I consider sending the likes of Rupert Murdoch or Sun Myung Moon to the US to be acts of war, if the government of the home country actively and knowingly engaged in the decision. At least in the case of Australia, Murdoch seems to have acted as a private citizen, powerful and greedy as he may have been. But in Moon's case, the South Korean government had a vested interest in manipulating US politics and turning the American public opinion to the right, to avoid the fate of South Vietnam and to blunt the leftist criticism of its human rights record. It is a well-known fact that South Korea's president and prime minister were actively involved in strengthening Moon and sending him to the US in the 1970s. And the efforts have been devastatingly successful, to a point where Reagan and Bush Sr. both openly declared Moon to be a valuable ally - not bad for a convicted tax evader.

In fact, the conduct of Moon, South Korea, and the Korean-American community, acting in blatantly partisan manner and helping the likes of W destroy the foundations of American democracy (while still calling it "defending freedom") easily adds up to an act of war. They have even asked for the wholesale extermination of law-abiding Americans, notably LGBTs. Thanks to them, America is no longer America; Moon openly declared that the free-flowing American spirit must be stopped. The recently "negotiated" free trade agreement between the two countries (without the knowledge and approval of the American people) and the return of the fascist party to power in South Korea are only the icings on the cake. Again, manipulating a trusted alliance relationship for partisan and selfish gains, at the expense of the basic underlying principles of the US, amounts to an act of war.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are too busy putting their party before their country, to ever put up a resistance against the South Korean menace (or protect the US Constitution, period). And the Democrats are too politically correct, wishing for those Korean-American votes that will never come to fruition. (And most Democrats are just too dumb to realize the damage done to their own party by South Korea.) But the ineptitude of both major parties does not take away the fact that South Korea is a menace that must be dealt with - even more so than even "rogue states" like North Korea and Iran, and certainly more so than other influential allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Israeli lobby surely is strong and feared by both parties, but it did not attack the bedrock principles of the US nor turn blatantly partisan.

I've stated on other blogs that a war against South Korea is the one war that is more than justifiable. And given the wholesale brainwashing of the American public thanks to Moon's efforts, I stand by that statement. It's too bad that the Moonies have helped America sink into the Iraqi quagmire, so that it will never be able to strike the Moonies themselves as is. Besides, Americans look at Samsung cell phones and Hyundai cars, and think that such a technologically advanced country as South Korea can't be such a barbaric enemy of American principles and ideals. WRONG!

If John McCain is the man of honor that he claims to be, and will stand up to South Korea in defense of American freedoms, he will have my full support. Unfortunately, the McCain I know puts party before country, does not believe in the US Constitution, and stands to benefit handsomely from the Korean influence.

Lastly, I myself may stand to lose a lot if the war against South Korea goes ahead, since I still know people in Seoul. But the fact is that they too tried to destroy American values, and voted for the fascists; they need to pay too, and I won't hesitate to make them pay. And I am willing to lose personally, in order for the America I live in to become the America it ought to be.