01 April 2008

I'm not voting for President

This is not an April Fools joke.

It appears that Barack Obama continues to coddle the very homophobic minister that has pitted the African-American and gay communities against each other in Chicago, even counting him as one of his delegates for the Democratic National Convention.

Given that I am sitting in Los Angeles, where the Korean community plots the extermination of all American LGBTs (and other homophobic nationalities like the Nicaraguans thrive), I cannot support ANY politician who pits minority communities against LGBTs.

I am officially withdrawing my support for Barack Obama, and have removed him from my links list.

I've long decided that McCain, Hillary, and Nader do not deserve my support either. That gives me no choice come November. No matter who wins the White House, it'll be a pathetic 4 years, doing little to undo the damage done by W - just like Bill Clinton failed to do the Reagan-Bush Sr.'s damage before him.