25 May 2008

Arlington West

Arlington West is a memorial of thousands of crosses and other religious symbols, set up next to Santa Monica Pier every Sunday by Veterans for Peace, to commemorate the Iraq War dead. I was there this afternoon, to hear some speeches from leading peace activists marking the 6th Memorial Day since the war's start.

CODEPINK LA activists, led by co-founder Jodie Evans, drop this banner from the pier, over some of the crosses marking the dead American soldiers.

Colonel (Ret.) Ann Wright speaks out, on her decades of experience as a soldier and a diplomat before resigning to protest the Iraq War.
I later picked up her book Dissent: Voices of Conscience, and had it autographed. She was very pleased to know of my connections to Karen Bradley of Democracy Cell Project, as well as Gayle Brandeis of CODEPINK, both of whom she praised highly.

Actor Ed Asner delivers a fiery speech.

Some other speakers included Vietnam and Iraq War veterans, Jodie Evans of CODEPINK, and many more. Some speakers, including Dennis Kucinich, sent in remote audio greetings. I caught up with Jodie, as well as Medea Benjamin, who remembered me from her 2007 New Year's party back in San Francisco. The two also noted my connection to Karen and Gayle.

The event was broadcast live on KPFK-FM in Los Angeles.

CODEPINK will be dropping some banners nationwide, including in Los Angeles, and I will be taking part on I-10 in San Gabriel; Jodie gave me a banner and some instructions on how to proceed. I am glad to be doing my part to help bring awareness to the senselessness of the Iraq War, and to help end it and bring America (and the world economy) back on track. Looking forward to making the drop tomorrow morning.