22 May 2008

Honda Accord

While random websurfing, I came across two places where some trivia and information on the Honda Accord could be found. Nice, since I drive a sixth generation model as my daily driver, and have fond memories of the third generation (due to its pop-up headlights) and the fourth generation (because many classmates in high school drove one). The current generation, introduced last fall, is the eighth.

Available in the US since 1976, the Accord was the first Japanese car to be built in the US, in 1982, and was exported back to Japan since 1988. I certainly remember quite a few 1993 model year "10th Anniversary" Accords - they marked the tenth anniversary of the US production. The car was named to inspire a state of accord between the car, the driver, and the road, according to trivia information.

I don't plan on buying another Accord though, because of Honda's conservatism and homophobia (as well as Honda owners' conservatism). The only Honda I will now consider is the Civic Hybrid (though given my line of work, I'm more likely to return to hated Ford and its Escape Hybrid SUV). Nevertheless, the Accord is a very nice car, despite abuse from my sister's ex, and an improper tuneup that decreased fuel efficiency significantly. At 105,000 miles it's doing very well otherwise.

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