01 May 2008

I've returned home

I've been fed up all day, and my family business could feel it. I was asked to cut the misery short and fly back to California on the next available flight, so I re-booked, checked out of the hotel, loitered at the Speedway without checking out its museum (I was in too foul a mood to ever get out of my car), before returning the car and checking in for the flights home. In the process, I boosted United Airlines' bottom line by another $280 - that's more than the original fare of $240.

I picked an itinerary involving a change of planes in Denver; this turned out to be a hassle, as Denver had a freak snowstorm today, and all flights from Denver, including the aircraft that came to Indy to pick me up and the one that brought me back to Los Angeles, had de-icing delays.

Even during the flights, I found it a challenge to contain my residual anger. I don't think I really calmed down until I started playing George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" (aptly, the theme music for the airline I was flying on) on my iPhone, right over the majestic Grand Canyon.

In any case, I am home, and couldn't be more relieved. From now on, I will find an alternate way to get the education I need in air conditioning controls.