01 May 2008

Going back to "lunatic" California

I am unable to make up my mind, as to whether I return to Los Angeles tomorrow night, as scheduled, or return today, as my heart calls out.

Honestly, I have no interest in staying in the Hoosier State any longer. I don't even know if I want to go forward with any of my local sightseeing plans, which had been scheduled for tonight and tomorrow.

On the other hand, the airfare and ticket change fee will get me clobbered if I try to return home today. The fare will practically double, and the flight choices don't look great either. And I need to decide within the next hour or so, as my checkout deadline from the hotel for today approaches. Otherwise, I am stuck till tomorrow. It will be more cost-effective for me to stay as the hotel costs only $70 for an extra night, and 5 days of rental car is same as 6 days.

I will have to make my decision soon. Let's see how things unfold.