01 May 2008

Business Terminated in Indy

I am in no mood to repeat myself, so I will just copy-paste what I had posted to Democracy Cell Project:

Update from Indianapolis...

My business trip here was to take an air conditioning controls class with Johnson Controls - the same company that probably made the seats in your car, among other things.

However, the class was an extremely biased environment, where California's environmentalism and gun control laws were dismissed as left wing lunatic ideas, among MANY other things.

When it came to the point this morning where families of victims commemorating the anniversaries of Virginia Tech massacre and other school shootings were dismissed as liberal pansies, and the Democrats were the source of ALL problems in this country, I decided that I had enough, and left.

The ringleader of this whole thing was the class instructor, visiting from Orange County, California.

There is another 1 1/2 days of business to do before I walk away with a certificate (what I came to Indy for), but I have no interest in a certificate from such a reactionary company. And I have no interest in working in such a reactionary field either.

It's very early morning back in California, but my family business has already been notified of my decision to discontinue the class, and is supportive of my decision. It's been left up to me as to whether I want to return home tomorrow, as scheduled, or today, as I feel like now. When I return home, we will brainstorm ways on how I will continue my education, but in any case, Johnson Controls will never be involved again.

And if you ever want me to install air conditioning controls for your building, rest assured that I will NEVER use or recommend Johnson Controls unless you specify it (as the military often does).