12 June 2008

Baggage fees

I've just received an email from United Airlines stating that it will match the new American Airlines policy of $15 surcharge for the first checked baggage, effective August 18, for tickets purchased starting tomorrow.

The only way for me to duck this fee will be to become an elite frequent flier, but given that I've decided not to go on any more business trips this year, that's unlikely.

I'll seriously consider defecting to another airline, but if the two largest airlines in the nation are doing the same surcharges, the rest of the industry is highly likely to follow.

I much prefer the Air Canada policy, where I can get a $3 discount each way for not checking in any bags, and where the base fare includes one checked bag. $3 is always better than $15. Next time, I'll just go vacation in Canada, and book on Air Canada (unless I decide on Europe instead).

United Airlines