06 June 2008

Melissa Etheridge

I am now scheduled to see Melissa Etheridge on the evening of August 29, at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre. This will be my second time seeing her; the first time was a free concert at San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza in August 1999, which I remember fondly as a very high-energy affair. As a proud lesbian, I also need to go to as many Melissa concerts as possible, if only to keep up with my reputation. :)

This time it will cost me $100, but I am not holding back.

The tour is named The Awakening, after her newest album, which I haven't listened to, save for "Message to Myself," which I liked. I do look forward to many of her older songs, however, and it will be a very good experience to sing along to many of them; I didn't know her songs too well the first time around, so didn't really get to sing along back then.

Melissa will also be only the third artist that I get to see multiple times; the other two are Mariah Carey (1995, 2000, 2006, plus a meeting in 1994) and Sir Elton John (2004, 2005, and last April).

It should be a wonderful night, and will make up for me missing out on the gay pride parade this weekend.