11 July 2008

Campaigning to defend marriage equality

I joined Equality for All last night on the streets of West Hollywood, to reach out to the passersby and ask them to oppose Proposition 8.

I was a nervous wreck at first, as this was my first attempt at in-person political campaigning. But I did end up signing three people to volunteer for future events. I do have to say that gay male couples were the most receptive, while straight couples tended to be too preoccupied with the bars and clubs to stop for me.

Again, I won't be able to help much. But in any way I can, I will continue to help. In addition to collecting $5 from a student volunteer at a mobile AIDS testing station, I pitched in $50 of my own, in addition to $100 I already put in last month. Considering that Prop 8's supporters have raised over $2.5 million (thanks to conservative groups funded by Reverend Moon's slush funds), I need to do my part in fending them off and going on counteroffensives.