17 July 2008

What's wrong with Canada?

First, peaceful American activists have been barred from Canada, because they've been labeled by FBI as political criminals.

Then, the Supreme Court says American war deserters are not welcome, and must go home, even though they face possible death back in the US.

Now, word had it yesterday that a Canadian at Guantanamo Bay, being held without charge, will not be retrieved by the Canadian government, even though it is fully aware of what's going on at Guantanamo.

I don't have links to these stories anymore, but nevertheless these are very worrisome developments, and a complete about-face from what Canada had done in previous occasions.

Canada seems to have made a big mistake in installing a Conservative government under Stephen Harper, who's all but given up Canada's sovereignty to the W regime.

All the more reason to plug my nose and vote for Obama, so that Harper (and other reactionary leaders) have one less pillar to lean on. In the meantime, my planned trip to Toronto is still a go, but I will hold off on a planned visit to Alberta and the Canadian Rockies, due to Alberta's reactionary politics.