28 August 2008

Barack Obama's speech

I've been tuning out the Democratic National Convention, and will tune out the Republican one too. But I am following the major developments through blogs and other sources.

Democracy Cell Project has just posted the full text of Obama's speech, one that truly reveals what kind of a man he is, not only as an orator, but as a public official. As far as I can tell, he wants to eliminate the severe ideological rift that has divided America into Red vs. Blue throughout W's presidency; he is running for the President of One United States of America, not the President of the Democratic Party or the President of the Blue States. This is a stark contrast to the Reagan-Bush-McCain program, which is strictly for its followers and supporters only.

Obama's speech

Now, the Democrats need to back this up with organization and semantics, as well as global alliances with like-minded foreign political parties. These are items that the Republicans have been far better at.