17 August 2008

The museums

Just did even more Wikipedia trivia gathering on South Korea.

There are lots of fine museums, both within Seoul and throughout the rest of the nation. Wikipedia has a great list of these museums, including ones I hadn't even thought of.

These alone could eat up most of my free time, so I better pick and choose carefully. For now, the Bank of Korea Museum looks good, as I love collecting foreign currencies. Another museum worth a visit may be the one dedicated to Dosan Ahn Chang-ho, who fought the Japanese colonial rule; he spent much of his life in San Francisco and Riverside, California, and the I-10/I-110 freeway interchange in downtown Los Angeles is named after him. And speaking of resistance to the Japanese, the Independence Hall may also be worth a visit, despite its location in faraway Cheonan. Hoam Art Gallery at Everland will also be a good pick for traditional Korean art.

I'll be checking through a lot of the listed websites to determine which ones are worth my time and money.