05 October 2008

Palin: "Obama has terrorist links"

Fast falling in the polls, and running out of real substance, the McCain-Palin campaign is starting to resort to smear tactics. Now that the vast majority of Americans are seeing past the Moonie/South Korean government lie that Obama is a "Muslim extremist," Palin came up with another: that Obama associates with a domestic terrorist.

Obama does not deny meeting the man in question, but is strongly denouncing the man and his beliefs, and is accusing McCain and Palin of running a campaign based on smears, instead of real agenda for America's future.

Honestly, I would rather vote for someone who has committed mistakes in the past, but has grown past them, than someone who advocates for replacing science with religion, and for destroying the world in the name of hastening Jesus's second coming. The former is Obama. The latter is Palin. And the scary thought is that with enough funding by the Lee Myung-bak government here in Seoul, and with enough of a "get-out-the-vote" effort by the Christian community, the McCain-Palin campaign can still win.

Even my fairly conservative relatives here in Seoul agree. The American Christian Right is all wrong, W has been a disaster, and Obama, though not perfect, is the best candidate for the job of putting America (and the world) back on track.