17 November 2008

Slight change of plans

No, not with my road trip, fortunately.

When I return to Seoul, it looks like my apartment in Yongsan will have to welcome a sick relative back from the US. I've been informed by my mother that due to the grave nature of the sickness, it will be in my best interest to vacate the apartment. I do want to thank the relative at that apartment for the hospitality over the past two months.

Already, another relative has offered to take me in, into their empty, unused apartment. However, the details must still be worked out. While it is a very nice luxury apartment, it is outside Seoul city limits, in Seongnam, and getting to my meditation, while possible using the subway, will take a lot longer. At least there appears to be enough parking spaces (including underground garages) there that I won't have much of a problem parking there, at least until I return the car.

As for the road trip, I explored a lot of Gyeongju today - and I am very amazed at the city. I love cities that have an "open-air museum" feel due to their long histories, and Gyeongju lives up to the reputation. 50 pictures will be uploaded after my dinner.

Meanwhile, wildfires are getting out of hand in Southern California. My mother informs that she had to evacuate my place today, moving all my vehicles and documents to my office, though the house is once again safe now.