08 November 2008

Two updates

I have been asked to return to Los Angeles in mid-December and take care of my folks' place while they visit Alaska for the end of the year. I certainly look forward to this return, as it'll be an opportunity to get rid of my BMW without any nagging from my folks. I will make my arrangements today.

It may be necessary to return to Seoul again, and I do hope to come back, but that won't happen until at least mid-January. Now that I am an elite customer at United, I will book with United if at all possible, for the mileage bonus and preferential check-in and seating.

My father also asked me to postpone my road trip if possible, given the worsening weather conditions here in South Korea around this time of the year. However, the locals tell me to go ahead. The conflict comes from the fact that Expressway 50, which my father remembers as a very crooked two-lane mountain road with a speed limit of only 40 km/h, is now a divided four-lane expressway all the way, tunneled and bridged for most of the mountaineous stretch, with a speed limit anywhere between 80 km/h and 100 km/h. I do know that fog is often a factor on that stretch of the highway, but aside from that, I don't see major complications. I'll try not to drive at night over that stretch in any case.

Sirius Satellite Radio tells me that I can't transfer my subscription over to XM just yet. I just auto-paid $140 for a year's worth of subscription a few weeks ago, so I hope to get some refund. But that's still okay. Better to blow $140 than keep driving a car that I can't even stand anymore.