03 March 2009

Northern California for now

I'm in Silicon Valley right now. Work took me up here, if only for one night.

This may as well be the one remaining sane part of California, where I don't have to deal with the theocracy of the white supremacists and their nonwhite immigrant puppets down in Southern California, nor the stubborn political correctness of the white liberals in places further up the San Francisco Bay. Also, if I were to live here, I could make a good Republican, as most Republicans here are socially liberal and fiscally moderate, though in reality, I won't bother, as the state Republican organization is run by the barbarians (of both the white variety and the immigrant variety) down south.

Unfortunately, it's still California, and I definitely saw the signs. Too many potholes on the neglected highways as the state government continues to waste its resources on ideological fights. And near Monterey, I almost got Gwaneum One into a wreck when a Mini Cooper (read: BMW Nazi product) driver abruptly cut in right into my right fender without signaling, and only my last-minute panic braking saved the day.

I may hang out in Sacramento tomorrow morning before driving south. I am aware that a group of gay rights activists will march roughly along my travel path, going from San Francisco to Sacramento, as the state Supreme Court tries to decide, starting the following day, whether allowing the likes of Proposition 8 onto the ballot is allowable in the first place. Regardless of the results, one thing is clear: the barbarians of Southern California have the numbers and the votes (swelled by strategic immigration) to call the shots, and unless the Northern California white liberals realize that, and find a way to speak the immigrants' language of communal culture and different sensibilities, Proposition 8, even if overturned, will be just the start of many more bad things to come.