04 March 2009

I dunno why I even work anymore

So I come back from a drive up to NorCal for work purposes - and not even a word along the lines of "thanks for the trip, hope the rain wasn't too bad." My so-called "family" will not even open the door for me or even acknowledge my return. There is no need for me to put time into my work and my home, if this is all I ever get in return.

This is the so-called "family values" of the immigrant barbarian cultures that have fucked up California. And they dare legislate their primitive version of morality on the rest of the population?

They better be thankful that the white liberals, who still run the state government (for now), are still full of crap and incapable of recognizing reality. Because if they do, none of this will ever go unpunished.

Rest assured that from now on, any constructive measure that will actually deal with the immigrant menace will have my FULL SUPPORT. Not the crap that FAIR puts out which punishes the necessary high-tech workers and rewards the far-right puppets from El Salvador, but real immigration reform. If they can vote on my civil rights, I can vote on theirs.

I'm also starting to believe that my three months in South Korea was probably just a dream. Based on all the crap I see in SoCal, South Korea can NEVER possibly be the dynamic society that I thought I saw. It must still be a military dictatorship with primitive moral laws - well, politically, it just became one again. But even then, that doesn't explain what I saw from the people there - who are of a caliber too good to be the "brothers and sisters" of the barbarians here. Of course, Koreatown LA has a good explanation: South Korea has been completely infiltrated by Commies taking orders from Pyongyang, which is why its "democratic, free enterprise spirit" has weakened. Well, that doesn't explain Gwaneum One, which I continue to appreciate during all my long drives. And of course, these barbarians are already whining about my decision to patronize Hyundai's unionized labor force (read: Commies) rather than the morally upright Catholics of BMW, and put a Buddhist-themed vanity plate on the car. Some barbarian scums REALLY need their asses kicked across the Pacific.

I have some photos, particularly from Sacramento where I visited the California Museum - and got to discover California's history as a trendsetter for all the evils of the US and the world. Will share them when I actually have time (something I no longer seem to have, as I seem to be the only one in El Salvador del Norte not running on slowpoke Catholic time).

For now, I must say it was strange to actually see white people (many with light-colored eyes) during my time up in NorCal, often behind the wheels of cars bearing "Obama-Biden '08" or some other left wing lunatic slogan bumper sticker. (The few whites still left down in SoCal wish for a Palin presidency, or even better, the Rapture. No joke.) That also means that the one good thing about the white culture - respect for individual rights and happiness - is also probably still alive in NorCal, unlike in SoCal where nobody even remembers. Seriously, the last time I saw someone with light-colored eyes was probably back in Hong Kong or Seoul.