19 April 2009

Back at it again

Somehow I decided to get back into the simulated airline business.

I'm in a new game world, running from March 1995 to March 2011. (Goddess help me when the fuel prices spike in 2008.) I am keeping the goddess theme - except that I'm now based in Athens, and I honor Athena rather than Kwan Yin. Athena is the goddess that I like the most (though Aphrodite is a close second).

Air Athena's first plane was a 767, which I immediately sent to London and New York for some great cash flow; I hope it helps me build up a solid regional European network fast for a good, stable income. Later on, I'll squeeze in a flight to Los Angeles, if only to capitalize on the popularity of Friends and get my favorite modern-day Greek Goddess, Jennifer Aniston (who has qualities of both Athena and Aphrodite), on board for an advertising blitz. (As Greek Orthodox extremism, unlike Korean-American Christian extremism, is not an issue in Los Angeles, I won't have to pull Athena out from Los Angeles the way I pulled Mercy/Kwan Yin out.)

Currently it's late April 1995, and in addition to flying a BAe 146-300 on domestic routes (including Lesbos - I am one hopeless dyke), I'm about to start building a fleet of Fokker F100s to serve Continental Europe.

I hope the lessons I learned, when I ran the Airline of Kwan Yin into the ground the last time around, will help me with this game (and the real world).

Update 21Apr09 The game had a fatal bug and had to be reset (some people were getting 10 planes after ordering just one, ending up with 20-aircraft fleets when I was patiently waiting for my third plane). And the reset had to happen while I was at an all-day conference; by the time I could do a thing about it, three weeks had already passed, and I had already been taxed despite zero activity. I had to withdraw from the game - though I have full refunds. I'll return to a future game, where I do look forward to carrying the spirit of Athena or Kwan Yin again.