27 June 2009

San Francisco Pride

I am in San Francisco right now, participating in the Pride activities and about to meet some people too. As this is my first-ever big city Pride event, I am going to really savor the experience.

Lots of weird things around the Civic Center Plaza today - though the juicy stuff, including a show by BoA of South Korea, won't happen until tomorrow. I also expect to have some time with a number of activists in the trans and lesbian communities - including Calpernia Addams, the lovely redheaded transwoman actress.

For now, I expect to get together with local trans activists to spend the evening and see how things turn out. I hope to leave some words of wisdom (whatever shallow wisdom I can dig up anyway, primarily from being able to watch the Prop 8 fight last year from a foreign vantage point) with the trans activists, as well as some of the Equality California (the No on 8 group) staffers.

Due to a nasty foot blister, and due to my disagreements with some of the political agenda, I decided not to be part of the Dyke March, about to happen in 45 minutes in Dolores Park. But I hope to enjoy everything else to the fullest. Even if it comes down to having to endure some really ugly-looking penises of a few exhibitionists at Civic Center! (Seriously, this hardcore lesbian would rather look at a clit and some expanses of carpet.)