01 July 2009

San Francisco and beyond

San Francisco ended up really draining me physically, but rejuvenating me mentally. I came back from the gayest weekend of my life, having gained a girlfriend, several strengthened friendships, and many new memories.

And even after my return to Southern California, it's hard for me to slow down, and I just spent time in Hollywood attending a charity fashion show, hosted by none other than the transgender icon, Calpernia Addams. We had spotted each other just two days before back in San Francisco, but it is so much nicer to actually exchange some thoughts. I promised to share with her my transgender themed photos from Seoul and Hong Kong, and just did so via Facebook.

Now, Denver awaits this weekend. Also, I need to figure out how to develop my new San Francisco friendships, and how to steer the direction of my new romantic relationship. For now, I must say it's developing way too fast - and I am making that clearly known to my girlfriend.