09 August 2009

Quick update

Facebook has been my main means of Internet activity, so my blog has been at a standstill.

I do have a busy life, as well as a Las Vegas timeshare. I'm grateful for that. As for that "relationship" I started in San Francisco - it was a nonstarter, given that despite the unusual Dutch family name, my girlfriend turned out to be a stereotypical uneducated southern white trash, with the attitudes and the politics to match. She's been so intimidating and demanding lately, that I've blocked her from accessing my Facebook profile.

Now, I want to start plotting some travel plans again. After all, I do want to keep my elite status at United Airlines, even though United has been so mismanaged in recent years that the airline's very survival is questionable. A retired United flight attendant (who will eventually help with my novel) gives his former airline 5-10 years at most before it fails or is merged into a stronger competitor. And if my most recent flights are of any indication, getting back into the skies is NOT something to look forward to. But the destination will be more than worth it!