16 January 2010

Entertainment stuff...

So the 1980s teeny bopper idol Tiffany turned out to be my first major entertainer experience of 2010, after I had spent 2009 with some major names - Sir Elton John (for the fourth time), Billy Joel, BoA, Michelle Branch, Mariah Carey (for the fifth time), Jerry Seinfeld, and Bette Midler. It was an interesting surprise.

Actually I was intending Mariah Carey to be my first act of 2010. That'd be my sixth time seeing her. I was NOT happy seeing her last fall in Vegas - but if she sings "Hero" and I cry again, that's good enough I guess, so she's back on for me. Due to her delays putting her Vegas tickets on sale, I decided to stay in town instead (and save wear and tear on my car) and see her in Los Angeles - my first time seeing her in Southern California. Turns out that she couldn't quite get herself booked at The Palms again, but decided to take Caesars Palace's Colosseum instead, a much nicer venue. I love the Colosseum, so I'm a bit bummed to not be getting out there.

Though that very weekend, I do need to see another act - Bon Jovi. This is my first time seeing Bon Jovi, a 1980s legend that keeps going on strong. Since I know many of their songs, I should have a good time. This show will be in Orange County, and only a short drive from me; moreover, the ticket is dirt cheap at only $41 after all taxes and fees. It's kinda tiring for me to keep going back to the same few favorites over and over, so time for a change, and Bon Jovi will be a great change.

U2 at Angel Stadium is still far out in June - but that should be another good show. This will be my second U2 show. Though my enthusiasm is dampened due to Bono's latest actions - for example, his support of government surveillance of the Internet to cut down on file sharing. Looks like profits come ahead of his supposed principles. This may be my last U2 show if this keeps up - especially given that competition for U2 tickets is very fierce to start with.

I am determined to have a good time in 2010, and this is one way of ensuring that.