12 April 2010

Update - Disneyland

I want to mention that I visited Disneyland in Anaheim this past weekend, though its photos won't be uploaded right away.

This was a logical extension of my visit to the Walt Disney World back in 2008. Of course, Disneyland is only a short drive from me, so I could go at will, but my last visit had been in 2002, so a repeat visit was due. This particular visit was prompted by the revival of Captain EO, a 17-minute 3D movie starring Michael Jackson that had initially run from 1986 to 1997, being revived now as a tribute to Jackson after his death last year. Another consideration was Star Tours, a Star Wars-themed motion simulator dating from 1987 that is now set to close for refurbishment and reprogramming.

Of course, I've also made mentions of Walt Disney's far right politics and his inability to tell any stories in an authentic manner. But I also find that every trip to a Disney park is a great look at how Disney could turn his pile of crap into an alternate reality that everyone, regardless of beliefs or age, could easily soak themselves into. That was what Disney was good at, and why the name Disney is more than just an entertainment company or a theme park, especially to children and their parents.

Again, photos will upload once I finish the Europe recap and also upload the photos from Tucson last month.