13 May 2010

Asia again?

When I logged three months in Seoul in late 2008, it was in the form of a meditation regimen that wasn't quite finished at the conclusion of my stay. While meditation was valuable, I also found my travel and cultural experiences, throughout Seoul, the rest of South Korea, and into Hong Kong, to be just as valuable.

It looks like as my work slows down a bit, I will once again make Seoul my home for a bit, for a few months, to continue where I had left off. The goal will be to restore my health to the levels I had when I was wrapping up my initial stint, and to further bring up my energy-pooling abilities to a point where I can easily meditate even in an energy-vortex-devoid place like Southern California. (Only then will I be able to even consider spreading my good energy to others; right now, it's more like spreading negativity.)

Only preliminary details are being put down now, but I am in touch with my contacts in Seoul, and it looks like I will resume Seoul in 2-3 months. I was glad that a number of people found my tidbits from Seoul very valuable, and I am glad to continue on that path. I am also glad to know that supporters of South Korea's far-right government (including the vast majority of Korean-Americans) will once more find their blood pressure going up, as I dig up even more inconvenient truths; however, Chinese speakers will be a bit bummed, as I don't intend to go to a Chinese-speaking area this time - I expect to spend my off-time in Japan instead, which will be my first stint in Japan.

In addition to Japan (which will most likely take me to Tokyo, plus a more traditional part of Japan), I expect to do two trips within South Korea - one road trip to fill in the gaps from my initial 2008 one, and one quick flight to Jeju Island in the far south; both will also have an emphasis on South Korea's democratic struggle against domestic dictatorships, as places like Gwangju, Yeosu, and Jeju have been well-known for pro-democracy demonstrations, as well as the violent response from the right-wing dictators.

Assuming that the far-right government isn't out to ban me, I may even look at possible options for future work stints. I can run my US-based business by email and Internet just fine, my physical presence in the US will be necessary once a month at most. Of course, I will apply for proper work visa before I take up any employment. Proper work authorization will also mean that I can do economic activities (bank accounts, etc.) in South Korea and also enroll in its public health insurance plan, though it also means that I must cough up my alien registration number to the police state authorities to do my Internet activities. Will see what happens.