20 April 2007

More coverage of VT tragedy

I'm reading through many articles today, expressing various opinions on this senseless tragedy. All the flags at half-staff are reminding me of the tragedy again and again.

Here are some articles worth reading:
  • New York Times - The likes of Rush Limbaugh are having a field day over this. The right wingers are making fools of themselves again, by vilifying their Korean buddies.
  • Washington Post - A Korean-American community activist remarks on overreaction by first-generation Korean immigrants, comparing their collectivist mindsets with the more individualistic American ones. He says the Korean community is as responsible for Cho's rampage as the African-American community was for the DC area sniper attacks - not at all, in other words.
  • AP - Cho's profile resembles that of other mass killers, and experts weigh in on his psychology.
  • Xinhua News - China's Foreign Minister is furious that the media at first rushed to mis-identify the gunman as a Shanghai native, without confirming the details.
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