19 April 2007

Partial Birth Abortion banned

It's old news already, but I was too preoccupied with the VT tragedy.

The Supreme Court has upheld the ban on what opponents call "partial-birth abortions" in a 5-4 vote. A new Supreme Court, led by W appointees John Roberts and Samuel Alito, made this happen.

I've always believed that abortions were a last-minute effort to save the health of the pregnant mother, and that they should be safe, legal, and rare. It's especially true of this specific procedure, which is horrible enough that it should be strongly discouraged - but left legal in case it's the only viable procedure. It's bad enough that the W cabal has imposed blanket ban on abortions at military hospitals and aid to any humanitarian organization that offers it as an option. And this ban, the first on a specific procedure, is the first little step necessary in order to achieve one of the Religious Right's wet dreams - total ban on reproductive choice.

If W cared so much about the lives of the unborn, why doesn't he care for those who are already born, and need to become productive members of society?

I am renewing my vow to never buy any products from Toyota, the company that made the rise of John Roberts possible.