01 May 2007

Rise in gas prices

I'm already paying $3.30+ per gallon for regular unleaded, and $3.50+ for premium, in my neck of woods. And these are Republican sweetheart prices - predominantly Democratic areas in my county pay another 10-20 cents more. At this pace, $4/gallon is a real possibility.

Regardless of what the analysts say, this is pure greed and robbery. If W didn't start a war against Iraq for his personal reasons, and if he didn't write off the greed of the oil companies as "free market forces at work" (the oil industry is an oligopoly and a cartel, NOT a free market), gas prices wouldn't be this high.

The last time I paid $4 per gallon was 1998 - in England. At least, most of the money was in the form of taxes being re-invested in infrastructure and mass transit. Can't say the same of today's prices in the US.

MSNBC "Analysis"