31 January 2008

Decision Time 2008

Only five days until the primary.

I have yet to study the propositions, so I have no idea how I will vote on those, especially Propositions 94-97, new compacts with the Indian casino tribes. Though I must say, I am leaning toward a NO on 93, which is a new term limits initiative. It favors the northern Democrats in the state legislature - the very ones who are so ideological, they won't even campaign for my (and other southern) votes. And more importantly, they hate me for driving a non-hybrid car.

As for the presidential primary, I am voting as a nonpartisan, making me eligible to choose between the Constitution Party primary, the Democratic Party primary, or none. (The Republicans won't allow nonpartisan votes.) I will take the Democratic ballot. While my intention was to vote for John Edwards, he is no longer in the running now, so I will switch my vote to Barack Obama, despite his bungling of the outreach toward LGBT voters. I consider Hillary Clinton to be too much of the establishment candidate, and don't believe that she'll bring enough of a change to the table.

My Republican-registered mother also wants to vote in the Democratic primary (she prefers Hillary's experience), but she missed the deadline for switching party affiliation, so she'll have to vote for a Republican (or leave the ballot blank). I am not giving her any recommendations, as neither of us can find a "likable" Republican. She does want to vote Democratic in the general election, making it the fourth time (out of four) that she supports a Democratic presidential candidate (her previous votes were Bill Clinton's 2nd term, Al Gore, and John Kerry).