03 February 2008

More primary thoughts

I have made up my mind on Propositions 94-97, the Indian gaming compacts.

The YES camps are the beneficiary gaming tribes themselves, and almost all other Indian tribes throughout California. Chambers of commerce, labor unions, and community organizations, plus both the Democrats and the Republicans, support these propositions.

The chief opponents are the horse racing companies, and the major newspapers throughout the state, which are funded by them. I am also sure that the Nevada casinos are against this as well.

Given these facts, and that the state government needs all the money it can get (thanks to cuts from the feds, tax freezes, and corrupt politicians), a YES vote will be in my best interests. Otherwise, tax increases will need to happen, and Californians are very anti-tax despite their liberal reputation. Besides, the Indian gaming industry has injected fresh wealth into many tribes, and improved their lives; keeping this source of revenue on track will be in everyone's best interests.