02 January 2008

"Gays a threat to world peace"

So says Pope Benedict in his New Year's address.

I'm sorry, but a cult that has killed BILLIONS over its history, through its deadly teachings and petty "holy wars," is a far greater threat. And though I am told to respect others' religions (and my newfound Unitarian Universalist belief system certainly teaches me that), I cannot bring myself to respect cults that want me exterminated - modern-day Catholicism and most other Christian beliefs, as well as their younger brother Islam.

Already, the Catholic homophobia is making a mark in California, thanks to Catholicism's heavy influence here - especially among immigrants. It's already been 8 years since gay marriage was banned thanks to them. I cannot afford to have their spiritual leader continue to make such irresponsible threats like this.

I am also renewing my vow to boycott BMW, the biggest corporate sponsor of Pope Benedict. From now on, my existing BMW will only be serviced with aftermarket parts, even though BMW really wants me to use genuine parts (even including motor oil). I am keeping the car ONLY because I cannot afford to have someone else snap up the car and become a new fan to replace me. Another factor is my car's final assembly in South Africa, the silver lining in the clouds - thanks to South Africa's long, successful struggle for democracy and equality (including legalized gay marriage), which must be honored. Nevertheless, the eventual replacement car will be from a less homophobic, more conscionable company that is certainly less of a threat to world peace.