13 April 2008

The Moonies are back in power

Taiwan chose to put the Nationalists - a major funding source of the Moonies - back in power, both in presidency and in the legislature, by very large margins.

Now, South Korea has done the same, putting the Grand Nationals - the most important funding source of the Moonies - in the majority, even after its splinter into many rival factions. Of course, a Moonie president had been elected last year.

What's significant in both countries is that the Moonie media machine had smeared the outgoing liberal political parties as inept and incompetent, despite the fact that they had met many of the Moonies' demands, and that it was the Moonies themselves that had caused the ineptitude in the first place (i.e. the Asian financial crisis of 1997). There is no difference from the Republican media attacks on the Democrats, and the Democratic inability to respond.

My support for the next US President will be determined on who will be the most willing to stand up against the Moonie menace, and the interference in American politics by the Nationalists and the Grand Nationals. McCain is beholden to the Moonies, and neither Hillary nor Obama has come out in strong enough terms against them.

Of course, I am no fan of the extremist Christianity that has taken over South Korea, and may be about to take over Taiwan. It's done severe damage to the Asian-American communities, and to the American society at large, as well.

It is a shame that Taiwan has a monopoly on computer motherboards, and South Korea has the lion's share of the semiconductors that go on those motherboards. Going online, and living in the 21st Century, has now been reduced to doing my own part to fund the Moonie death cult. The same with Garmin GPS's (which are all Taiwan-made) and Samsung cell phones. Something must be done soon!