29 May 2008

White Supremacist wants to be...

... the Superior Court Judge No. 125 of Los Angeles County.

Bill Johnson, whose hand-painted posters are all over Los Angeles County, turns out to go by the nom de plume of James O. Pace, the author of a 1985 proposed constitutional amendment to limit US citizenship to whites, and to deport all nonwhites (except for Native Americans, who will have to be evacuated to reservations). He previously ran for Congress in Wyoming as a Republican (to fill Dick Cheney's seat when Cheney became Secretary of Defense in 1989), and in Arizona as a Democrat in 2006, both times failing at the primary level; his platform didn't deviate too much from his 1985 work as Pace, and his campaign managers were linked to the KKK and other white supremacy groups.

He is identified as an "international corporate lawyer" on the June 3 ballot. He does have international experience in two of the right-wing extremists' favorite countries - Japan and South Korea, both of which have supported white supremacy in Europe and the US despite being nonwhite countries themselves.

Johnson's most recent work was as a campaign organizer to the Ron Paul presidential campaign, showing Paul's own true colors as a racist neoliberal. Paul has recently disassociated himself from Johnson, however.

I have already sent in my absentee ballot, and I didn't vote on this particular office, as most judicial votes have little for me to go by, aside from the name and the occupation. Had I found
this information earlier, however, I would've definitely cast a vote for Johnson's opponent, James Bianco, not a perfect candidate but vastly preferable to Johnson.

Metropolitan News-Enterprise (a newspaper for the legal community)