12 September 2008

Ally McLesbian

Of course, it is my former nickname. But for a good reason - since I strongly identified with Ally McBeal, and also strongly believed that she was a closet-case lesbian.

Ally (Calista Flockhart) kisses Elaine Vassal (Jane Krakowski).

Ally kisses Georgia Thomas (Courtney Thorne-Smith).

Ally kisses Ling Woo (Lucy Liu), the show's token Oriental fetish object.

I just came across a very good analysis of the series, particularly its initial homophobic, fetishistic approach to lesbianism, but its net effect being the opposite - making lesbian themes more acceptable for prime-time television.

After Ellen

Of course, Calista Flockhart, despite being hopelessly straight in real life, went on to play a few other lesbian roles - notably in Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her - and become a lesbian icon in her own right. And as I mentioned before, Ally's trademark miniskirt suits have become lesbian fashion statements, alongside Lindsay Lohan's leggings.