12 September 2008

Death Cult at Work

From Pakistan: a horrible case of honor killing of three teenage girls, because they dared to choose their own husbands. Government officials are enthusiastically supporting the murders.

MSNBC World Blog

From Saudi Arabia: the most senior judge in the nation says it is okay to kill satellite TV station owners, if they broadcast materials that do not meet the Wahhabi definition of Islamic morals.


Both are key allies of the W regime in the US, and are far from alone. The Middle East, under Islam, has proven again and again to be a very barbaric place, with absolutely no regard for modernity or human rights. Remember that these are the very barbarians that flew airliners into buildings and killed thousands of Americans seven years ago.

Of course, I hear the American Christian death cultists claiming to be above this deadly mentality. But it bears remembering that the Christian world, before the Renaissance and its secular influences, was just as deadly. Even today, Christian barbarism continues in the Philippines, Poland, and parts of Latin America (influenced by the Catholics), in Slavic nations (influenced by the Orthodox), and in the US and South Korea (influenced by Protestants).

A death cult is a death cult, whether it comes in the guise of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, or any other religious tradition.