07 September 2008

Religious sightseeing

Due to the rampant racism, sexism, and homophobia of South Korea's Confucians and Christians, and their influence on US politics (including funding to get gay marriage banned in California), I will stay as far away from Confucian and Christian sights as I can. Despite what the Christians claim they have done to further South Korea's own democracy (a crock of crap at best), they are ENEMIES of democracy, both for the Koreans and for the Americans.

On the other hand, Buddhist and shamanistic sights definitely are on my agenda. The Buddhists must, in particular, be commended for their courageous stand against the persecution led by Confucians in the past and Christians (including President Lee Myung-bak, a puppet and supporter of the US Religious Right) today. Shaman sights are harder to find (mostly due to Christian persecution), but I'm getting some info on a shamanistic research center in Seoul, not too far from where I am expected to stay; I will definitely pay my visit there.

There are a few Islamic sights as well, but given Islam's key role in the primitive moral laws of the Middle Eastern countries, as well as their complicity in enforcing the Christian primitive moral laws both in South Korea and the US (where the vast majority of Muslims voted Republican, until W betrayed them), I will stay clear as well.

And as part of my preparations, I have put my Korean-language copy of the Christian Death Book in the trash.

I put up a similar notice at Christy's Art Blog, where I contribute.