09 September 2008

Sarah Palin economics

Here's a Time article, that details just how much disdain Palin and the Alaskans have for the rest of the US. They can call the rest of the US "elitists" all they want, but in terms of attitude, they are far more elitist than the rest of us will ever be.


And the very fact that the choice of Palin has actually elevated the McCain ticket, and according to some polls, put it ahead of the Obama ticket, shows that the Christian death cultists, with their anti-social mindset and support of Palin's anti-American ideas, have too much power on US politics. Honestly, anyone with a "NOT OF THIS WORLD" decal on his SUV (the ultimate expression of Christian anti-social ideology) shall NEVER be allowed to drive on the streets and highways of this world, much less vote in any elections of this world, or have citizenship of any worldly nation.

And I continue to watch the Lee Myung-bak regime in South Korea continue to fund the Republican Party, the McCain-Palin campaign, and California's Propositions 4 and 8, through his political front, the Unification Church, and its US-based intermediaries. I will kick his ass - or get arrested or deported trying. What Lee is doing to America is NOTHING SHORT OF AN ACT OF WAR - and I will construe it as such.