07 October 2008

California update

It's the morning of October 8th for me.

A rude awakening came to my email inbox this morning. A new poll in California is showing that Proposition 8 has gained more support, to a point where it's leading 47%-42%. The No on 8 campaign attributes this lead, a reversal from the previous poll which had showed a 5-point lead for the No campaign, to the Yes campaign's deceptive campaign, which falsely states that churches will lose their tax-exempt status for refusing to marry gay couples.

While the vast majority of the US based Christian churches - and their counterparts here in South Korea - must indeed lose their tax-exempt statuses, it's due to their overtly political and partisan activities, not for this.

I will seriously consider forwarding a donation to the No campaign through my credit card account, but I will think hard before committing. Is the No campaign really prepared to take the fight to the conservative immigrants, who, as I mentioned countless times before, will decide the fate of Proposition 8, and have not been targeted well enough by the No campaign? If the No campaign is capable of nothing more than mere politically correct feel-good white liberal talking points, then it's doomed, and I will not forward a contribution.

Meanwhile, I will step up my criticism of the Moonies and the Lee Myung-bak government here in South Korea, who are busy funding not only Proposition 8, but also the McCain-Palin campaign and just about any other reactionary program in US politics. I will make it well known to every South Korean that I am sick and tired of their government's American politicking, and that I will press the Obama Administration to start sanctions against Lee (unless Lee somehow installs McCain as my next President, anyway).