07 October 2008

Current update...

No photos today. And no lengthy narratives regarding my sightseeing either.

Originally, my plan was to buy the newest Sarah McLachlan CD, released today worldwide, including here in South Korea. But I had to instead leave Seoul, in order to visit another relative in a rural township. I'll return to Seoul tomorrow, and on the following day, which is Alphabet Day, I will visit Gyeongbokgung Palace to attend the re-enactment of King Sejong's 1446 proclamation of the Korean alphabet. I should be able to buy the CD, plus some books related to my current meditation, at a nearby major bookstore afterwards.

In the meantime, I saw a city bus in Seoul this morning, advertising the launch of the Korean edition of Nylon magazine. The premiere issue, at the request of the magazine's Korean editors, featured Lindsay Lohan - and it was her face that was adorning the side of the bus. Nice to see the face of a high-profile lesbian fashion icon.